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Improving the quality of life, health and safety, overall experience, and mental stability of children throughout their educational journey.


USA School shootings in the last 20 years





About Defend Our Children

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Established in June of 2019, Defend our Children (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) was formed to do fundraising and equip schools with Safe Space Security Devices (SSSD). Safe Space Security Devices give students instant access to defense the moment they are faced with a School Shooting, Bully, Sexual Harassment, and other threats of violence or injury. The SSSDs will soon be available to the public for use in Office Buildings, Government Buildings, and Home Use

We made our efforts publicly known on February 14th, 2021 (3 Years after the Parkland Shooting happened) and have since received overwhelming support.


We are currently trying to make our product known to security consultants. Most education, government and civilian facilities will reach out to security consultants prior to selecting the best protection device to suit the facility needs. 

We thank each and every single person that has taken the time to help promote our efforts in protecting children's lives!

Raising Hands

How You Can

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  • Individuals or Companies 

    • ​There are a ton of ways you can have instant impacts on our efforts. Take a peek at our "Take Action" page for ways and instructions.

  • Fundraising Champion

    • Are you ready to be the champion of your local school district? This would be someone who will take the lead on fundraising, getting the school board involved, and getting their community to help bring Safe Space Security Devices to their local schools.

  • AmazonSmile

    • Amazon will donate a portion of their profits to our nonprofit if you select us here:  

    • This is an amazing tool for your to help our efforts to protect children in their time of crisis. Together we can tell our friends and family to use Amazon's smile and support a great cause!

  • Accepting Donations

    • We are accepting donations in support of equipping at risk schools with SSSDs. These schools go on lock down once or multiple times a day and immediately could benefit from these devices.

About the Safe Space Security Device (SSSD)

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The Safe Space Security Devices are the modern solution to the biggest safety problem students face throughout their education... physical violence and mental abuse.

When a student realizes they are in danger, then they duck inside the device and close the door around them. This device enables the "shelter in place" method to be utilized as the student waits for the Teacher, School Resouce Officer or Police. 

Every Student deserves the right to their own Safe Space for protection against School Shootings, Bullying, Sexual Harrassment, Malicious Fire Alarms and other dangers they could face every day. 

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Get to Know Us

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Our team is working diligently behind the scenes to progress Defend our Children’s Mission.


We possess experience in law enforcement, business, aerospace, construction, military, accounting and engineering. 

We are always looking for motivated individuals or teams who want to help protect children throughout their educational journey and support our efforts.

Volunteers are always welcome! Just send us a message to see how you can get involved.

Want to get a SSSD for your Home, Office, School or Government Building?

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We are expecting the desks to be ready early 2022.



    • If you're looking for a desk to put in your home to use as your child's personal safety device, then fill out the below "Contact Us" form. When the desks become available, we will send you an email regarding the availability.


    • Our nonprofit performs fundraising to be able to give the desks away to you. You sign up using the below contact us form so your school can get on the waitlist for the desks. You should perform your own fundraising to help expedite the desks being delivered to you. We can refer you to security consultants familiar with our Safe space Security Devices. 


    • We have multiple models, sizes and variations of the desk to suit a variety of needs. If you're interested in learning how these desks can benefit you, reach out to us and we can put you into contact with security consultants or our design team to see how we can best fit your needs. 


    • If you're interested in learning more about our product we have our product page below or you can reach out to us and answer any questions you may have or get aligned with us. 

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