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Advancing  School Safety around the United States

Can a mere alarm or locked door halt a school shooter? Historical evidence suggests otherwise. School violence is a pervasive issue, but together, we can tackle it!

Join our community in the mission of advancing school safety, ensuring that every student can look forward to their graduation day.

Welcome to
Defend our Children

We would love your Support.

Welcome to Defend Our Children, a pioneering 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing school safety across the United States. We believe that a simple alarm or a locked door is not enough to deter school violence. Our mission is to ensure that every student is safe and secure, and that every child sees their graduation day.

Our approach is unique. We empower children with our patented Safe Space Security Desks (SSSD), providing 450 degrees of shelter from school violence. These desks are the final line of defense, enhancing the 'Run, Hide, Fight' strategy and offering immediate cover and concealment.

We understand that children are our most precious asset and our best hope for the future, as John F. Kennedy once said. That's why we invest in their lives and their education.


We aim to eliminate the fear of school violence, allowing students to focus on learning and achieving their dreams.We invite you to join our community and support our cause. Your involvement can make a difference. Together, we can help more children see tomorrow, see graduation, and become the leaders, astronauts, and parents of the future.


The Gift of Tomorrow

We want every Child to overcome school violence and make it to graduation day. Every gift goes towards enhancing School Safety.

Most Precious Asset

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

-John F. Kennedy

Graduation Day

When we come together to stop School Violence we help more students see Graduation Day and be able to pursue their dreams.

Our Mission and Vision

We would love your Support.

The Journey of a Safe and Successful Education

Growing up in an education system with school violence has led to loss of life, lifetime disorders, lack of education, lower incomes... the list goes on. When people like you get involved, then you truly MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

We CAN help more children see tomorrow, see graduation, become business leaders, astronauts, parents... Imagine Tomorrow.

Together, we advance school safety and invest in the lives of our children by empowering them with Safe Space Security Desks (SSSD). 

Our Efforts and Work

Every step is progress!

The Final Line of Defense protecting students from School Violence

The Safe Space Security Device (SSSD). 450 Degrees of shelter from School Violence. 


We partner with Schools to provide tools for successful fundraisers.