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Consists of paperwork and a verification process to get your school in line to receive Safe Space Security Devices (SSSDs). 

Together we Fundraise

Your community and Defend our Children fundraises. SSSDs begin being professionally manufactured. 

Delivery & Install

SSSDs are delivered and installed. Schools and First Responders work together to update response procedures.

Get SSSDs in YOUR School

Together, we will make change.

The Journey of a Safe and Successful Education

Growing up in an education system with school violence has led to loss of life, lifetime disorders, lack of education, lower incomes... the list goes on. 

We CAN help more children see tomorrow, see graduation, become business leaders, astronauts, parents... Imagine Tomorrow.

Together, we advance school safety and invest in the lives of our children by empowering them with Safe Space Security Desks. 

Bringing trust back to School Safety.

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School Registration for SSSDs

Thanks for registering. Please allow 30 days for our response.


Start your fundraising and get one step closer to receiving SSSDs!​


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